About Us

Welcome to Data Universal

Providing businesses with simpler solutions to achieve greater efficiency.

Who Are We

Headquartered in Nevada, USA we partner with people and organizations that we believe in to create work that we are proud of.

Our Mission

Everything should be simpler, automatic, and efficient. We strive to make it this way.

What We Do

We provide custom software solution for small to mid size companies, from simple websites to advanced information systems, we build you solutions that will make your business more efficient.

Our 6-D process



Tell us what you want to achieve. We’ll provide you with options of how to do it simply, effectively, and within your budget.



We will review and discuss your project with our team of engineers and we will create a formal proposal outlining our understanding of your requirements and propose a costing structure and rough timeline



We will create a detailed design document outlining all functional requirements, software architecture, interactivity, and UI requirements.



Working together with your project manager. We will commence development of your project. You will be invited to review your application at various milestones for feedback and compliance with the design documents.



At the end of each phase, we create a local deployment where we run exhaustive testing to debug. Our UI/UE professionals will analyze applications for optimization for user simplicity least number of clicks.



We will deliver the system and support you in implementing it into your company. Together with your system, we will include an intelligent ticketing system to report any bugs or user issues back to us so that we can promptly rectify them.

Why choose us?

Through our multinational business structure, we are able to deliver to the quality and efficiency of large American firms, but without the associated price-tag.

We incorporate QA best practices into our standard development procedures with continuous and automated testing. Applications are tested and optimized by our DevOps not only for functionality and compliance, but also for optimization regarding performance and usability. A core part of our company philosophy is that nothing should be more complicated than it has to be.

We employ a waterfall approach to every project, no matter how big or small. This allows us to clearly define the scope of work and evaluation criteria before we begin. By thoroughly planning projects before beginning any development, we ensure that the technology stack is best suited to your businesses present and future needs. The idea is any systems you build with us, will be your last. As your business grows and your needs change, we’ll be able to expand functionality accordingly.

Working with your project manager, you will be part of the team. You’ll have direct access to our project management utility, see who’s assigned to what, and be involved in key reviews. You’ll have as much or as little involvement as you want in the development process, but the oversite to initiate change if you want to.

Our dedicated team will get your project deployed faster for a quicker ROI. Our dedicated support staff will quickly address any post deployment issues you encounter and work with you to ensure continued smooth operations.

Our multinational team of professionals are some of the best in the world at what they do. We value your time and will quickly and efficiently devising elegant solutions to complicated problems.

Would you like to start a project with us?

We're dying to hear from you! We prefer that you contact us through our new customer questionnaire so that we're able to answer you with specific information about your requirements.